Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Albertson's "Round Up and Save All Week!"

Oh my! I just got my issue of The Oregonian Best of Food Day...I think that's what its called. Anyway, the Albertson's Ad has a VERY interesting portion on the side.....

Round Up & Save ALL WEEK.

Manufacturer Coupons Round up to $1!

$0.25 Rounds to $1
$0.50 Rounds to $1
$0.75 Rounds to $1

I may have to do some investigating to find out if ALL coupons Round to $1, or just twenty five, fifty and seventy five cents as pictured.

Fine Print:
Valid 9/21/11-9/27/11
Coupons valued at $.24 or less will be redeemed at quadruple the face value. Coupons valued at $1 or more will be redeemed at face value. Excludes FREE item coupons.


Please stay tuned for prices! :)

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