What's a Catalina???

A Catalina, sometimes simply called a "cat" by couponers, is a coupon that comes out of a special, wonderful, magical machine next to the register. Ok, so I don't really know how magical it all really is, but I do know what comes out of that machine is pure gold!

The Catalina Marketing company issues promotions that filled by Catalina. Meaning if you buy XX product, in XX amount, then you get $X.XX off a future purchase. There are specific cats that do come out, for example you might get one that is $1.00 off a specific product. Usually, though, you will get a coupon that is a dollar amount of a future purchase, meaning anything you want!!

The amount does need to be over the value of the coupon though. For example, if you have a $2.00 off cat, you can't buy something that costs $1.50 and either get money back or have it adjusted down. You just get the $2.00 off. I'm sure you can find SOMETHING you need that costs $2 right??!

Catalina's or "Cats" are GREAT!! I love them, and they sometimes make a moneymaker or make an item free! Yipeeeee!!!