Weight Watchers + Couponing

I started the Weight Watchers and couponing category, because I wanted to see for myself whether couponing could fit in with the Weight Watchers Program. What piqued my interest was simply that I had heard from others that couponing only buys junk food and that it wasn't healthy for you. So, in my mind that automatically meant that I couldn't coupon and be on a diet, and since I coupon there was NO WAY that would work! Great excuse riiiiight? Uh, no. So, I've set out to see for myself, can you coupon and use Weight Watchers?! My expectation is:

  • Yes the two will fit well together
  • I can use my extra grocery budget money to buy healthier foods that fit better in a healthy diet
  • Some things will have too much sodium, too much MSG, too much food coloring, and something I cannot pronounce, but hey, we gotta eats what we gotta eats!
Every week I will compile deals that use couponing as a tool to save money. I will also include point values for the coupon deals I am purchasing, with the obvious (although not-so-obvious to some) exception of non-food items, which I may or may not, at times, include points values for. You'll probably have to re-read that run-on....

So, join me on this journey! Make comments, make suggestions, point out my rights and point out my wrongs (politely of course, I sometimes have feelings), but most importantly have fun here!