Thursday, October 6, 2011

Remember! Get that Rain Check!!!

So, I was disappointed, yet not surprised, that when I walked in to my local Safeway yesterday they had no more of the Nivea Lip Care that would have been free this week. Its a hot item, a great deal, and although I would really, really like to believe that there just happened to only be two on the shelf and that only one or two people could get in on this deal, I suspect that's not the case. However, I got the ever important Rain Check!

Remember! When you go into a store and get, well, lets just say "testy" because there's a bare shelf there, remember that oh so glorious Rain Check! Get it, save it, use it! Because, next week, when those Nivea Lip Care items are NOT on sale, there will be a ton, you will have your handy Rain Check making that sale valid for you even though its no longer on sale!

1 comment:

  1. Good advice! I always forget about rain checks.