Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Very First Frivolous Giveaway! OVER!

The time has come! We are hosting our very first Frivolous Giveaway!

Personally, Frivolous is a word that both scares and intrigues me! Its super fun to be careless and do what you want, but these days, especially with money you have to be careful! Many of us would love to be Frivolous with our money, but can't! So, I found other ways to indulge my Frivolous side! Being Frugal is one of those ways! That's how I came up with our name here at Frivolously Frugal! If you're going to be Frivolous, it might as well be Frugal! Right?

This time we are giving away ONE of these nifty little coupon organizers in blue, exact item pictured:

Personally, I use these organizers, not for my coupons per se, but for my transactions for the day/week! I label each slot with the store's name, then when I separate my coupons and transactions, I pop them in the slot!

To enter this giveaway, show us some love here at Frivolously Frugal! There's several ways to enter:

  • Follow Frivolously Frugal on Twitter!
  • Become a Frivolously Frugal Member, just click over on the right to become a member!
  • Like us on Facebook!
  • THEN....come back and tell us how you're following and one way you're Frivolously Frugal!
You gain one entry for each one you complete! Good Luck!
I will announce the winner on the Frivolously Frugal Page no more than 24 hours after the giveaway closes! Look for your name!! 
If the winner does not contact me within 24 hours of being announced, I will select another winner!
Giveaway closes tomorrow at 12:30PM!

**Winner is selected by random selection software from the comments section of the post!
**Entry is not a guarantee of prize you must be selected!

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