Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Too Early for Christmas Shopping? NEVER!!!

Hi all! This post is going to be all about Christmas Shopping, getting your best deals, and how its never too early!

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Is it ever really to early to start Christmas Shopping? I don't think so! No, its not all about volume or how expensive they are, but its nice for a kid to wake up on Christmas morning to a pile-o-gifts! We make most of ours from Santa so it seems like its not us that are spoiling her! Anyway, starting around February (because that's the first time I want to think about the holidays again, after the madness ends!) I start thinking about what I'm going to get my child for Christmas. Yeah, sometimes I think about what I'm getting my husband too ;). I browse the deal sites, blogs, and clearance sales to see what I can get for cheap, or nearly free for my child! And no, despite what that might sound like, its not a pile of mismatched junk that no one wanted in the first place!

This year, I've started with this cool Slap Watch that I saw for free one day on Then, I'm probably going to go for the K'nex Super Value Tub! Doing this throughout the year I end up with a stockpile of LOTS of gifts not only for my child, but for neighbor kids, teachers, friends and other family members! Usually, I have too much and end up donating some of it as well! 

If you don't have kids, think about grabbing some of these deals for Toys For Tots!

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