Monday, August 15, 2011 Gift Certificates $1?! 8/15 ONLY!

Hey there! Looks like is offering another 80% off code. Use the code HOT when you go to checkout and get your gift certificates for $2! Plus, if you go through (<<<<------ use the link) and you'll get 50% cash back BUT ONLY TODAY!!!

If you haven't used before its an online shopping site that offers coupons, and cash back on online purchases. They offer different amounts for different stores. Sometimes you can get a great today!

If you've never used, its a great way to save money and try new restaurants! What you'll usually get is a $25 gift certificate to the restaurant! So, in this case, after all deals you'll pay $1 for $25 worth of food at a local restaurant. Be sure to read the fine print before you head out, sometimes there's a minimum purchase required.....

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